Our Story - Chef's Craft Gourmet by Wayne Farms

In everything we do, we believe in offering gourmet foods "by chefs, for chefs," holding steadfast to timeless principles of taste.

We believe choices about taste go beyond a classically trained sensory experience. They include discriminating personal, nutritional, intellectual, and even moral decisions about food.

As chefs, we each make endless choices that affect our craft. We choose greatness in culinary craft because it guarantees the highest standards of great taste.

How We Do Things

In every way, we take great care to make the exact choices other gourmet chefs would also make.

That's why our products are of the highest quality, always fresh, and all natural*. We select only the best ingredients. Our foods are gluten free and never include preservatives, nor are they ever frozen.

How we do things isn't easy, but this is the CHEF'S CRAFT™ gourmet experience.

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.