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Here at Wayne Farms, we have a deep-rooted appreciation for healthy, wholesome foods. Our CHEF’S CRAFT® chicken is a line of gourmet products thoughtfully inspired by chefs, skillfully crafted by experts, and perfectly suited for culinary creations.

We don't believe in adding anything to our products that doesn't belong. Our minimally processed gourmet chicken products are gluten free, preservative free and contain no nitrates, MSG, or artificial ingredients. They are made from no-antibiotics ever, vegetarian-fed chickens.

Equally important to the way we make CHEF'S CRAFT® gourmet chicken is the way the chickens are raised and treated. Our chickens are 100% farm-raised by dedicated family farmers, whose top priority is to raise healthy, happy chickens. We believe it is our moral and ethical obligation to provide the best possible care for our animals.

We are proud to provide safe, healthy food that families near and far can feel good about eating, straight from our family farms to your table.



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