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    Farm to Table

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The farm to table progression which CHEF'S CRAFT® gourmet chicken products undergo is a completely vertically integrated process meaning we have control over every step of the process, from A to Z. We know how our chickens are being raised, what they're fed and where they come from. This provides a level of traceability and accountability unparalleled by the majority of food production. From hatchery to farm to our kitchens, we have an unbroken chain of quality and food safety.

Here's how it works

  • Our nutritionists create an all-natural, high quality diet for our bird flocks which is mixed at our own feed mills and delivered to the breeder and broiler farms. The diet ensures healthy, optimal growth, and contrary to many myths, is always free of added hormones or steroids – the use of which is strictly forbidden in the production of chicken by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • We breed our chickens at our own breeder farms and deliver the eggs from our hen houses to our hatcheries in climate controlled trucks.
  • Within our hatcheries, the eggs are set in climate controlled environments until they hatch.
  • The day the chicks hatch, they are transported to our family owned farms where our dedicated farmers take care of the chickens as they grow to a healthy, optimal size in temperature controlled, comfortable, cage free environments.
  • Once of weight, the broiler chickens are transported to our state of the art processing facilities where they are humanely processed under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and prepared for sale to a variety of food companies, distributors or restaurants.

CHEF'S CRAFT® gourmet products are thoughtfully inspired by chefs, skillfully crafted by experts and perfectly suited for your next great culinary creation.

CHEF'S CRAFT® Gourmet Savory Chicken Breakfast Sausage