• What's Important to Us

    What's Important to Us

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We have a deep rooted appreciation for healthy, wholesome, gourmet foods. Our CHEF'S CRAFT® gourmet chicken products have been skillfully crafted by Chefs for Chefs....those who understand great taste and appreciate high quality, fresh ingredients.

We don't believe in adding anything to our products that doesn't belong. So you'll never have to worry about nitrates, nitrites, MSG, preservatives or binders. In fact, the first ingredient you'll find in all of our CHEF'S CRAFT® gourmet chicken products is chicken. For our sausage products you may also find an inclusion such as an artisan cheese or apples. After that, we just top off with a few flavorful spices and voila!

All CHEF'S CRAFT® gourmet chicken products are

  • Always fresh, never frozen ready for any Chef to add your unique flair and create your next delectable dish.
  • All natural meaning they are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • Free of gluten
  • Advantageous with an extended shelf life
  • 100% farm raised by our dedicated family farmers whose top priority is to raise healthy, happy chickens.

Equally important to the way we make CHEF'S CRAFT® gourmet chicken is the way the chickens used in the process are raised and treated. All of our chickens are humanely raised in accordance with strict animal handling protocols approved and audited by PAACO-certified auditors and a third party organization. Our strict animal welfare audit approach is backed by years of science-based experience in the animal agriculture and food processing industries. Audits of our family owned farms are independently conducted, third-party, objective assessments of the state of animal welfare at the time of the audit. Services are based on individual farm benchmarking by credentialed auditors and educators in an exclusive peer reviewed process.

CHEF'S CRAFT® gourmet products are thoughtfully inspired by chefs, skillfully crafted by experts and perfectly suited for your next great culinary creation.

CHEF'S CRAFT® Gourmet Sous Vide Chicken