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How Chefs Can Work Together for Consistency


Whether in restaurants or other foodservice establishments, chefs all strive for one goal: to produce consistent, superior meals for their patrons while staying within budget. But achieving that goal of consistency can be challenging when chefs have their own methods of preparing food and varying priorities. Producing reliably delicious food while still making a profit can be possible only if the staff come together to work as a team.

Here are a few tips for how chefs can better work together to provide consistent, high-quality meals to their patrons.

1. Clearly communicate the common goal

As the leaders of the team, executive chefs have the responsibility to communicate clearly and directly to each staff member. Make sure your team knows what role they play in meeting the overarching goal of providing consistent, high-quality meals. But also set daily or even weekly goals, such as reducing waste or loss by focusing on preparing food correctly and consistently. Striving toward one common purpose will encourage the team to work together.

2. Stress the importance of process

How can you expect the food to be consistent if it’s prepared or cooked in a different way each time? Following the same, well-established process time after time should be a priority that’s stressed to all team members early on in their training. Clarify what the process is and the purpose each step serves for producing a quality dish.

3. Encourage a culture of teaching

Having chefs with several different backgrounds can be an asset in formulating innovative ideas. By welcoming a culture of reciprocal teaching, chefs will feel comfortable sharing their experiences and expertise, helping to make the team better and more efficient. Using each other as a resource is the ultimate show of teamwork and offers multiple solutions to any dilemma.

4. Select versatile ingredients

With a plethora of ingredients available in the cooking industry, adding diversity while maintaining efficiency can be a difficult balance to achieve. Choosing ingredients that offer the most versatility and ease of preparation can help meet that goal. One ingredient that strikes that balance? Our CHEF’S CRAFT® sous vide chicken breast fillets. The chicken is already cooked evenly to ease preparation and is mildly flavored to allow you to dress it however you choose. Take a look at more benefits of this unique chicken ingredient.

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