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How Sous Vide is Changing the Definition of Delicious


By now you’ve probably heard us claiming that our CHEF’S CRAFT® sous vide chicken breast fillets are perfectly cooked and flavorful — features that can be attributed to the fact that they are cooked via sous vide. So why is sous vide our preparation method of choice?

What is sous vide?

In French, “sous vide” translates to “under vacuum.” Indeed, sous vide cooking refers to the method of sealing food in an airtight container like a vacuum-sealed bag, then cooking the food to an exact temperature in a water bath. The entire cook process is gradual and can require drawn-out time periods.

How does the sous vide method work?

After the chicken is vacuum sealed with the perfect blend of spices and flavors, it’s placed into a water bath, and a precision cooker (also called a sous vide cooker) is set to a specific time and temperature for the best chicken breast results. Once the chicken reaches the precise temperature for the set amount of time, the precision cooker turns off, and the chicken is done. It’s that simple!

What makes sous vide chicken so great?

1. The taste

Sous vide isn’t just a simple method; it’s also a delicious one. Sous vide chicken breasts are more tender and juicier than those cooked with most traditional methods. Additionally, the vacuum-sealed bag allows the chicken to cook in the marinade, and the slow cook process allows those flavors to mingle perfectly.

2. The temperature control

The key to perfect chicken is temperature control. The sous vide method provides control down to the degree that’s nearly unmatched in any other cooking method. The sous vide cooks the entire piece of chicken to the desired temperature and then stops, which helps to prevent overcooking. Because the heat is equally distributed, there’s no high or low fluctuation in temperature which promotes the chicken to be evenly cooked.

3. The water circulation

Constantly circulating water limits any hot or cold spots in the water bath, so every bite of chicken is consistent in texture and moisture. The water is the temperature control’s insurance, something Bon Appetit calls a “perfectly-heated, dinner-making jacuzzi.”

We think sous vide cooking is the bees’ knees. It’s what makes our CHEF’S CRAFT® chicken breast fillets reliably flavorful, tender and juicy — perfectly cooked all the way through every single time. We do the work by investing the time and instilling the precision so you don’t have to.

Taste them for yourself to see how CHEF’S CRAFT® chicken breast fillets can make a difference to your foodservice operation.

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