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The real benefits of CHEF’S CRAFT® sous vide chicken


Chefs have countless choices to make every day in order to maintain the high standards they’ve set for themselves and their team. The CHEF’S CRAFT® gourmet experience strives to make decisions for chefs easier in one specific way: by offering the best chicken products. That’s what we’ve done with our new sous vide chicken breast fillets.

But why choose our chicken over a raw option? Here are a few advantages that come from using CHEF’S CRAFT® sous vide chicken breast fillets.

1. Save time

Raw chicken requires a certain amount of time in order to be properly prepared. It must be prepped by seasoning and/or marinating, then cooked either on the stove, grill or in the oven. Depending on how it’s being used in a recipe, slicing or dicing may be a final step. While this process is a familiar one, it’s simplified with CHEF’S CRAFT® chicken.

CHEF’S CRAFT® chicken fillets are flame-grilled, seared and vacuum-sealed to lock in the marinade. They merely require a reheating via the method of your choosing — microwave oven, conventional oven, convection oven, water bath, or pan sauté. These sous vide fillets save chefs significant amounts of prep and cook time.

2. No defrost necessary

In order to maintain shelf life and account for the unpredictable nature of some foodservice kitchens, raw chicken is often kept frozen. The biggest inconvenience regarding frozen chicken is the need to defrost it — a process that requires additional time. Knowing how much chicken to thaw for any given day requires some estimation on the chef’s part. If enough chicken is not defrosted, it can significantly slow down back-of-house operations.

On the other hand, CHEF’S CRAFT® chicken fillets are vacuum-sealed to have a refrigerated shelf life of 90 days. Our chicken can be heated and ready to serve at any given moment, even if a restaurant has a sudden influx of unexpected patrons.

3. Perfectly cooked

Once the raw, frozen chicken has finally thawed, even the most experienced chefs will struggle cooking chicken in a busy, understaffed kitchen. Undercooking chicken violates food safety rules and puts the consumer at risk for salmonella. Additionally, it is easy to cross the line into overcooking, making chicken tough and dry.

With CHEF’S CRAFT® chicken fillets, chefs never have to worry about under- or overcooking chicken. Chefs or cooks at any level can prepare our evenly cooked chicken breasts with a consistent quality. The best part? Your guests will receive consistently delicious chicken that’s always flavorful and juicy.

If you’d like to experience firsthand the advantages CHEF’S CRAFT® sous vide chicken breast fillets have over fresh or frozen raw chicken, order a sample to try yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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